Dear diary,

The universe is a funny old place. I’m a firm believer in going out to get things you want, work hard and don’t wait for other people to make your dreams come true. However, I do seem to have the most wonderful luck and just sometimes great things just happen to fall into my lap.

Way back in 2013 I was playing solo gigs around London, my full time busking career was just starting and I decided to bring something a little different to my indoor shows.

“I need a band,” I thought. I was toying with that idea but not really acting on it. Then my band sort of happened to me.

One morning I opened my Facebook messages to a friendly greeting from a drummer who’d caught me busking. “If you need a drummer for live shows let me know”. I replied, “I’m looking for a band actually. I’ll find a bassist and we should get together to rehearse.” Drummer: Check.

Days later, I was busking by the river and I saw a figure watching me, a bass case slung on his back. As he approached to drop a coin I quizzed him, “is that a bass? Do you play? Any good? Wanna be in my band?” Bassist: Check.

I couldn’t believe my luck when two accomplished players arrived at rehearsal, having learnt my first album, ready to gig. The three of us started gigging regularly and we had a lot of fun and sounded great, there was something missing in our sound but I hadn’t considered adding other instruments. Not until a keys player popped up out of nowhere.

I think Will first heard me busking at Kings Cross station. He said he wanted to grab a card but got caught up with the trudging commuters in their relentless march from A to B. It was like fate when he opened Time Out magazine the very next day to see my smiling face. He contacted me via email and I wasn’t convinced I needed a piano player “but thank you for your interest”. Luckily, he persisted and we met up to jam out some songs. He was phenomenal. Keys: Check.

My final band member took some seeking out. I had it on my mind that I wanted a violinist or electric guitarist for some melodic additions to my band sets. I was passing through Paddington station when I heard a guy busking. He was looping guitar solos over chords of popular chart hits and it was really cool. I took a picture of his sign and gave him a follow on twitter, where I asked him if he’d be up for joining my merry men. Electric guitar: Check.

To this day I thank my lucky stars that each of these fellas fell into my life; one way or another. They’re a fantastic set of musicians and I love performing with them at my live shows.

Come and hear us doing our thing tomorrow in Camden. John, my guitarist is going to be my opening act before joining my band to rock out some guitar solos! They really bring my songs to life and I’m so grateful to them for being part of my musical journey!

Tuesday 21st March
The Monarch

8pm – John Clapper
8.30 – Lucy May Walker
9.15 – Charlotte Campbell mit band

Free Entry!


4 thoughts on “Meet My Band

  1. I’m looking forward to tomorrow night and having seen you with your band I know how well you work together. It’s going to be a memorable night.

    I see you’re practicing your German.


  2. So glad to hear the developments! Hope someone videos and posts your gig. I’ll be in the states on your first performance. Have a great time!!!


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