Dear Diary,

Two American tourists beamed at me as they rolled their suitcases my way and dropped generous donations into my guitar case.

They took a few steps back and sat down on their luggage to listen for a while. Their faces shone with excitement for my next song and they cheered loudly at the end of each tune.

I was grateful for their enthusiasm, it had been a long day, a long week, in fact. Their energy was pushing me forwards.

I hadn’t planned my set properly and when I had a mind blank I looked out to their expectant faces, hoping it would help my brain find the next song to sing. I settled on an Ed Sheeran song – you can never go wrong with Ed! They agreed with positive “woo”s when I announced my choice.

The positivity and excitement they brought to the atmosphere was contagious and soon a crowd was gathering to listen. I told them all about my little claim to fame – about how Ed Sheeran personally got in touch with me earlier this year and the crowd clapped and cheered for my story.

The audience was growing and just as I started another Ed Sheeran tribute I spotted a smiley policeman appearing through the crowd. He was dropped a coin in my case and tipped his hat.

“Thank you so much.” I said. He nodded and walked away

After a slight hesitation I shouted after him “And thank you for your service!”

The crowd cheered loudly in agreement and he held up his hands in appreciation. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment. The atmosphere of that shared experience will stay with me forever.

The two American tourists were still smiling away at each other and at me. I wonder if they knew that it was their beautiful energy and positivity that had brought this little scene to a head. They served as a reminder to me that you can be a catalyst for wonderful moments and memories, it all starts with a smile.




(Photo by Marc Walker – Immaculate Photos)


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