Lately, I feel like I’ve been doing more wedding singing than busking. It’s been a a bit of a dream, if I’m honest.

I swap my thick coat for a fancy frock, doc martens for high heels, cup of tea for a glass of champagne and my bike for an uber to some posh venue where someone usually assists me with my heavy amp and flowery mic stand. (My flowery mic stand is always the same.)
My favourite thing about all of these weddings is not the grandeur of dressing up or the free nibbles or the free bar (always a professional – I solemnly swear!)

I love the stories at weddings. The couple’s unique romance from start to present and the tales of guests from far and wide. And especially, the story of how the couple came to book this busker from London for their big day. It’s always a pleasure to hear about how they happened to stumble across my music. For some I was a soundtrack to their courtship; taking walks along the Southbank to find me singing their song, or bonding over my CD after a day out in London. Others booked me as a surprise for their partner or a surprise for their guests. Some found me on YouTube and have listened for years or quickly grabbed a card as they rushed for a train.

The ways in which these happy couples’ paths happened to cross with my own always blows my mind. It reminds me of what a magical existence I am fortunate enough to lead, that I should find myself in the presence of so many beautiful love stories. Not just once I am there, singing a stunning bride down the aisle or accompanying a first dance; but long before and long after.

When I return to my busking spot after being part of somebody’s big day I feel so grateful to have the chance to be the soundtrack to the love story of the next couple. And the next. And the next.


8 thoughts on “The Wedding Singer

  1. Yes, when you think about it it is especially flattering to be asked to sing at a couples special day. You must be in a lot of people’s wedding videos. And you must add to and enhance their day. That is also quite something.
    They are lucky to have you, Charlotte.


  2. This is a really nice reflection. The music we hear – whether on the street or on the radio – can often play a big part in guiding and accompanying us (pun intended, I suppose!) through the twists and turns of our lives. When you put a song out there into the world, you have no idea where it’s going or whose life it will find its way into. It’s kind of an act of faith on your part, as a musician, that your music will do what it needs to do, with or without your conscious effort.

    I’m glad you’ve had the faith and the fortitude to keep singing your songs and sharing them with others, and I’m glad that sometimes, at least, you get to know how much your music has touched others’ lives, and to have your journey intersect with theirs, especially on such a happy occasion as a wedding. “If music be the food of love, play on!”


    1. I totally agree. Every thing in life has a soundtrack, whether we are aware of it at the time. A song will transport us back to that time in a second. I love that aspect of what I do 🙂 thanks for reading and supporting!

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  3. Not that I’m offering my non-existent writing services (!!) but reading “The Wedding Singer” my mind said “There’s a song in there, one that tells of stories. In what can be a dark old world,stories of love, hope and happiness”.
    It’s a pity that there’s a film of that name… 🙂


  4. Hi Charlotte, I’ve been super busy delivering vehicles here in the states. The wedding gigs seem pretty decent. Weddings aren’t usually something I anticipate with glee. As a musical performer it makes sense that you would enjoy bringing one of the uplifting aspects of the tradition. I thought of you today while visiting the San Antonio, Texas Downtown Riverwalk. It’s a long stretch of a gentle river lined with sidewalks, flowers, some towering trees, and landscaped plants, as well as eateries, pubs, and shops. really worth the visit but so far not even one Busker!!! I’m guessing the city regulates or prohibits street performers. Maybe they come out in the evening as I was there in the hot afternoon. Salutes!!


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